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  • Varsity Boys Rugby BISAC Schedule 27 JANTue 23 Jan 2018Varsity Boys Rugby BISAC Schedule 27 JANRead More

    Falcons Varsity Boys Rugby team will be competing at BISAC competition this Saturday, 27 January at RIS. Schedule as attached. Go Falcons!

  • U11 Boys and Girls Falcons Invitational Football Wrap UpFri 19 Jan 2018U11 Boys and Girls Falcons Invitational Football Wrap UpRead More

    Last weekend, NIST hosted a U11 Soccer Boys and Girls invitational tournament on breezy Sunday. Our young Falcons were excited to compete, some of whom played in their very first tournament. It was a great day of competition and a good preparation for BISAC for both our teams. Boys side had 8 teams in total - NIST A, NIST B, Traill, ICS, ISB, RIS A, RIS B and ASB. Girls side had 4 teams  - NIST Blue, NIST White, RIS and ASB. Several matches were close encounters, of which high level of skills and sportsmanship were displayed. 

    Our Boys Team A had a fantastic run, undefeated into the finals, only a goal shy of victory against ISB, coming in 2nd place. Our girls team had similar success in a Round Robin competition, finishing in 1st and 3rd places. Our coaches will continue to build on this success and we look forward to more victories in BISAC competition next weekend. 


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  • U11 Boys Soccer Team at NIST TournamentMon 15 Jan 2018U11 Boys Soccer Team at NIST TournamentRead More

    U11 A team finished 3rd at NIST Friendship tournament this past weekend! Below are the scores of the games. Way to go U11 Boys Soccer! Go Eagles!!!


    ICS 0-2 ISB

    ICS 5-0 RIS A

    ICS 12-0 NIST B

    ICS 8-1 ASB


    Total Goals:

    • For 25-3 against


    Goals scorers:

    • Cooper 7
    • Indy 5
    • Fu 5
    • Micah 3
    • Will 3
    • Ethan 2
  • Shooting Stars Basketball CampMon 15 Jan 2018Shooting Stars Basketball CampRead More

    This year was the first year for ICS to host our own basketball camp. 40 kids aged 8-12 came out the first week of Christmas break to participate in the Shooting Stars Camp. The coaches involved were Mr. Jack, Mr. Tim, Mr. Todd, Mr. Zach, and Caroline and Glory from the Girls Varsity Basketball team. The camp was very successful and the kids had an amazing time! Thanks to all the parents who sent their kids to participate in the camp and a huge thanks to the coaches for allowing this camp to happen! Looking forward to future camps at ICS! Go Eagles!

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  • RIS U13 and U15 Badminton Invitational 20 JanuaryFri 12 Jan 2018RIS U13 and U15 Badminton Invitational 20 JanuaryRead More

    Our U13 Boys and Girls and U15 Boys and Girls Badminton team will be playing at Phoenix Invitational at RIS on Saturday, 20 January. Schedule as attached. Go Falcons!

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  • Alumni GamesFri 22 Dec 2017Alumni GamesRead More

    On December 21st, the Varsity Boys and Girls basketball teams played against Alumni in friendly games. The girls team played first and what a fun and close game it was! The Alumni proved victorious with a 32-24 win over the Varsity girls team. This was the 3rd Annual Alumni game for the girls basketball program. The boys followed suit and had their first ever Alumni game. The Alumni came ready to play and relive their glory days as ICS Eagles. They showed the Varsity team what they were made of and took home the win. 


    It was such a blessed evening of catching up with former students and having fun together in sports. Also amazing to see two current staff members (Shaina and Zach) play with the Alumni teams. This is a special community here at ICS!! #goeagles

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  • ISB Black and Gold Gymnastics Tournament ResultsTue 12 Dec 2017ISB Black and Gold Gymnastics Tournament ResultsRead More

    Last weekend, our NIST Gymnastics and Falcons Gymnastics team competed at the ISB Black and Gold Tournament. Full results as below:


    WAG Level 1 Junior

    Team 2nd place

    Mila Menard -  Balance Beam 3rd place

    WAG Level 1 Senior

    Laura Barrio - Uneven Bars 2nd place


    WAG Level 2 Junior

    Team 1st place

    En Quan Tay - All-Around 1st place

    Jelly (Kanyarak) Pongpithanon - All-Around 3rd place

    En Quan Tay - Vault 1st place

    Jelly (Kanyarak) Pongpithanon - Uneven Bars 2nd place

    En Quan Tay - Uneven Bars 3rd place

    Jelly (Kanyarak) Pongpithanon - Floor Exercise 1st place

    En Quan Tay - Floor Exercise 3rd place


    WAG Level 2 Senior

    Team 1st place

    Matilda Kenny - All-Around 1st place

    Ritika Yamdagni - All-Around 2nd place

    Matilda Kenny - Vault 2nd place

    Ritika Yamdagni - Uneven Bars 1st place

    Peta (Pitchapa) Hosakul - Uneven Bars 2nd place

    Matilda Kenny - Balance Beam 1st place

    Ritika Yamdagni - Balance Beam 2nd place

    Ritika Yamdagni - Floor Exercise 1st place

    Matilda Kenny - Floor Exercise 2nd place


    WAG Level 3 Junior

    Team 3rd place

    Hazel Boone - Uneven Bars 2nd place


    WAG Level 3 Senior

    Team 3rd place

    Mia Mootdarpongsai - All-Around 1st place

    Saffron Shale - All-Around 3rd place

    Aika Gurung - Vault 2nd place

    Mia Mootdarpongsai - Vault 3rd place

    Mia Mootdarpongsai - Uneven Bars 1st place

    Saffron Shale - Uneven Bars 2nd place

    Mia Mootdarpongsai - Floor Exercise 2nd place


    WAG Level 4 Junior

    Neina (Pavitra) Reanchareonsuk - All-Around 1st place

    Neina (Pavitra) Reanchareonsuk - Uneven Bars 1st place

    Neina (Pavitra) Reanchareonsuk - Balance Beam 1st place

    Neina (Pavitra) Reanchareonsuk - Floor Exercise 1st place


    WAGLevel 4 Senior

    Team 1st place

    Hannelore Boone - All-Around 1st place

    Alyssa Thai - All-Around 2nd place

    Hannelore Boone - Uneven Bars 2nd place

    Rei Isaka  - Balance Beam 3rd place

    Hannelore Boone - Floor Exercise 2nd place


    WAG Level 5

    Team 1st place

    Aum (Kanyarat) Ngamkhiaw - All-Around 1st place

    Paris (Sutisopar) Ingpochai -All-Around 3rd place

    Praan (Nattamon) Kulnides - Uneven Bars 1st place

    Paris (Sutisopar) Ingpochai - Uneven Bars 2nd place

    Aum (Kanyarat) Ngamkhiaw - Uneven Bars 3rd place

    Paris (Sutisopar) Ingpochai - Balance Beam 1st place

    Aum (Kanyarat) Ngamkhiaw - Balance Beam 3rd place

    Praan (Nattamon) Kulnides - Floor Exercise 1st place

    Aum (Kanyarat) Ngamkhiaw - Floor Exercise 2nd place


    WAG Level 7

    Team 2nd place

    Ninnin (Pannin) Reanchareonsuk - All-Around 1st place

    Maia Rankine-Griffith - Vault 1st place

    Ninnin (Pannin) Reanchareonsuk - Vault 2nd place

    Ninnin (Pannin) Reanchareonsuk - Balance Beam 1st place

    Ninnin (Pannin) Reanchareonsuk - Floor Exercise 1st place


    WAG Level 8

    Jasmine Tantutuvanont - Vault 2nd place


    MAG Level 1 Junior

    Prinn (Nontapat) Kulnides - High Bar 3rd place


    MAG Level 2 Senior

    Sky Tanphiphat - All-Around 2nd place ; Pommel Horse 1st place ; Vault 1st place


    MAG Level 3

    Coben Shale - Vault 1st place


    MAG Level 4

    Falco Boone - Vault 3rd place


    MAG Level 5

    Boubakar Djombana - All-Around 3rd place; Vault 2nd place; Floor Exercise 2nd place; Parallel Bars 2nd place


    Congratulations to NIST Gymnasts, parents and coaches on this successful tournament!

    We look forward to continue this success in Season 2.

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  • Gymnastics - Black and Gold resultsMon 11 Dec 2017Gymnastics - Black and Gold resultsRead More

    Massive well done to everyone involved!

    This result of ISB Black & Gold Competition 2017


    Level 1 junior girl >>>Team 3rd , All-around 2nd

    Level 1 senior girl >>>Team 1st , All-around 3rd

    Level 2 junior girl >>>Balance beam 3rd

    Level 2 senior girl >>> Vault 3rd

    Level 3 senior girl >>> Vault 4th , Balance beam 4th

    Level 4 senior girl >>> Vault 8th

    *Special award Jesslyn level 4 senior girl is winner handstand competition.


    Level 0 junior boy >>> Team 1st , All-around 1st,2nd,3rd

    Level 1 junior boy >>> Team 2nd

    Level 1 senior boy >>> Team 1st , All-around 1st , 3rd

    Level 2 junior boy >>>Team 3rd

    Level 2 senior boy >>>Team 1st , All-around 3rd

    Level 3 boy >>> Team 2nd , All-around 1st

    Level 4 boy(Anuv)>>> All-around 1st , 6 apparatus all 1st

    Level 5 boy(Loogcliun)>>> All-around 1st , 6 apparatus all 1st


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  • ICS Holiday Hoops TournamentSat 9 Dec 2017ICS Holiday Hoops TournamentRead More

    This year was the first year for ICS to host the Holiday Hoops Tournament. The tournament was for Basketball boys and girls varsity teams. The teams who were a part of the tournament were: ICS boys and girls, ISE (International School Eastern Seaboard) boys and girls, Concordian boys, Bangkok Ballers girls, and Ekamai International School boys and girls. 

    The following are the games with scores:


    • 71 EIS vs Con 27
    • 36 ICS vs ISE 38
    • 40 ISE vs Con 20
    • 48 EIS vs ICS 27
    • 54 EIS vs ISE 29
    • 58 ICS vs Con 28



    • 23 EIS vs BB 27
    • 45 ICS vs ISE 4
    • 9 ISE vs BB 39
    • 17 EIS vs ICS 41
    • 23 EIS vs ISE 19
    • 44 ICS vs BB 28


    The Girls Champion team was ICS! The Boys Champion team was EIS! Congratulations Eagles! Way to go! 


  • Varsity Girls Take 2nd at ISB TourneyFri 8 Dec 2017Varsity Girls Take 2nd at ISB TourneyRead More

    The Varsity Basketball girls went to ISB on 1-2 December for an international basketball tournament. They worked very hard and played well together as a team. In the Championship game of the tournament, they played a great game against one of the best basketball teams in Asia and lost right at the end by only 2 points! Such dedication and passion! Way to go Eagles!


    • Game 1: vs SSIS (Saigon)- WON 58-12
    • Game 2: vs Chiang Mai International School- WON 55-21
    • Game 3: vs SHB- WON 55-36
    • Championship game vs UWV-Dover (Singapore)- Lost 39-41
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  • Falcons Junior Gymnastics ResultsFri 8 Dec 2017Falcons Junior Gymnastics ResultsRead More

    Last Saturday, NIST hosted its annual Falcons Junior Gymnastics Championships. This is the first time our new Gymnastics Arena welcomed gymnasts from 10 different schools - Harrow, ISB, BPS, Shrewsbury, BKK Prep, Thai Canadian Community Sports, Tooney Gym, PN Skill and from abroad - Club Gymnastics from Philippines and BSJ from Indonesia.

    NIST Gymnastics Team and Falcons Gymnastics Team had a great run producing these remarkable results:


    MAG Level 3

    Hugo Barrio, 1st Place - Vault

    Alex Branston, 2nd Place - Vault, Highbar - 3rd Place All around

    Zachary Mills - 3rd Place - Vault

    Coben Shale - 3rd Place - Vault


    WAG Level 1 Junior

    Zaara Sachdev - 1st Place - Balance Beam


    WAG Level 1 Senior

    Mila Menard - 1st Place Vault, 3rd Place Floor Exercise


    WAG Level 2 Junior

    Jelly - 1st Place Vault, Floor and All around ; 2nd Place Bars and Beam

    En Quan - 1st Place Uneven bars, 3rd place Beam, All Around

    Gemmi - 3rd Place Vault


    WAG Level 2 Senior

    Matilda - 2nd Place Uneven Bars, Floor exercise; 3rd Place All around

    Peta - 3rd Place Bars; 1st Place Floor exercise


    WAG Level 3 Junior

    Hazel - 2nd Place Balance Beam

    Panna - 3rd Place Balance Beam

    Alexa - 3rd Place Floor Exercise


    WAG Level 3 Senior

    Saffron Shale - 2nd Place Vault, 3rd Place Uneven Bars

    Arya Sachdev - 3rd Place Vault

    Mia - 1st Place Floor Exercise

    Aika - 2nd Place Balance Beam


    WAG Level 2 Junior - 1st Place Team - NIST International School

    Congratulations to all Falcons gymnasts, parents and coaches for this success. NIST Falcons Gymnastics academy looks forward to continue this success into second season!

  • Patana Rugby & Touch Rugby Invitational 10 DECThu 7 Dec 2017Patana Rugby & Touch Rugby Invitational 10 DECRead More

    Our Varsity Rugby and Touch Rugby Team will be participating in the Patana Invitational on Sunday 10 December at BPS. Attached is the schedule. Go Falcons!

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  • Wed 6 Dec 2017Game of the Week!Read More

    On Wednesday December 13th, the game of the week will be the U13 Boys and U15 Boys soccer teams against Traill International School. The Eagles will be taking on the TIS Dragons in league games for BISAC. Please come out and support our athletes! This is a big game for the BISAC tournament standings! Go Eagles!

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  • Golf success at SHB Invitational 2017!Thu 30 Nov 2017Golf success at SHB Invitational 2017!Read More

    Congratulations to the Shrewsbury Golf Team on a stella performance at the Shrewsbury Invitational, who narrowly lost out on first place, taking home the overall runners-up trophy!

  • M (year 9) lighting up the golf course!Thu 30 Nov 2017M (year 9) lighting up the golf course!Read More

    M (year 9) is now 2 from 2, winning his flight B boys in the first two fixtures of the year! Congratulations M, keep up the good work!

  • Girl Power!Thu 30 Nov 2017Girl Power!Read More

    Strong performance from Shrewsbury's female golfers at the SHB invitational. Vicky (year 11) and Tanya (year 12) filling 2nd and 3rd respectively in the flight A girls podium - well played ladies!

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  • Falcons Junior Gymnastics ScheduleThu 30 Nov 2017Falcons Junior Gymnastics ScheduleRead More

    This Saturday, 2 December, we will be hosting Junior Gymnastics event. Attached is the schedule.


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  • Mon 27 Nov 2017Game of the Week! Read More

    This week's "Game of the Week" will be the JV Boys and Girls basketball games on Tuesday 28 November against Ekamai International School. This will be the JV teams' first home games! Come and support our athletes at 3:30 in the ARC 3rd floor gyms!

  • Season Opener Spirit NightMon 20 Nov 2017Season Opener Spirit NightRead More

    The Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball teams conquered the Berkeley Eagles in swift games! The Girls team won 47-3 and the Boys team won 41-15! Way to open the Varsity basketball season ICS!!! #goeagles 



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  • Mon 20 Nov 2017U15 Boys Football: SHB Storm 2-2 Harrow LionsRead More

    Shrewsbury Storm Central: U15 Boys Football Report

    SHB Storm 2 (Leo Decorte 9’, Fynn 31’) HIS Lions 2 (Jadon 6’, Son 33’)

    Shrewsbury Storm and Harrow Lions shared the spoils today in the season opener with both the regular set and the friendly set ending in a draw.

    The Storm started the superior side and were very close to scoring about two goals in the opening minutes, but the lack of accuracy and a good goalkeeper stood in our way. The Lions were the more creative team and showed more courage when it came to shooting; they were not hesitant to left fly from distance even if it meant the ball soaring over the bar. The Lions got rewarded in the sixth minute when Jadon and his strike partner broke clear and set up a two-one-two. Jadon received the low square ball as he escaped the defender and accomplished the move clinically.

    Schaab was our outright inspiration in attack, having mustered a shot on target and troubled the opposition numerous times. In the 9th minute he was upended by a poor sliding tackle to earn us a direct free kick in a perfect position. Leo stepped up and smashed the ball hard to the left away from the wall, stranding the goalkeeper completely. This was the second time this season he left the goalie staring as his free kick blazed through the goal, having scored in similar style vs TCIS in BISAC JV Football.

    In the second half, a stupendous point-blank save from Tad prevented the Lions from taking the lead whereas at the other end the Harrow goalie sensationally dived low to parry a free kick from Schaab to safety.

    Onto the friendly. Two minutes in, Fynn got into the thick of a goalmouth scramble to tap in from before Son equalised for the Lions with a neat near-post effort. A fair result for both teams and plenty of amusement ahead on the road as the Storm get ready for some high-profile away fixtures!

  • SHB Storm U15 Boys Football are off and running!Sun 19 Nov 2017SHB Storm U15 Boys Football are off and running!Read More

    Shrewsbury Storm Central: Harrow Football Cup 2017

    It was Super Sunday down at Harrow International School today for the Storm U15 Boys as they embarked on the start of the football season at the Harrow Football Youth Cup. The boys were grouped alongside KIS, ICS Eagles and Traill International School. A convincing opening win against KIS was the perfect start in this apparently difficult group. With all matches of equal length at 15 minutes and no halves, the Storm knew that it was supposed to be high-intensity and bursts of energy throughout the entire quarter of an hour. We dominated KIS in the first nine minutes and KIS only threatened with an occasional shot. In the 9th minute, Schaab sprinted at a loose ball and won it cleanly, threading the ball to Game who dribbled with vivacity before assisting Leo to score a beauty of an opener. 40 seconds later, Schaab scored himself with an absolute beauty of a swerving shot from the left wing into the bottom right corner. That was a 2-0 win and a clean sheet for Tad!

    The following game saw Traill completely outplay us. The eventual U15 Boys tournament champions were the superior team from start to finish and broke little sweat in achieving a 2-0 win to secure top spot in the group. KIS defeated ICS by one unanswered goal.

    Needing a win against ICS Eagles, the Storm started brightly with Tad saving some hard shots in consummate fashion to boost the team’s confidence. The Eagles missed an empty goal, Storm had a shot caught by the Eagles’ goalkeeper and Sage was inspiring his fellow colleagues in defense (I guess he learnt a lot from goalkeeper Saxon at how to shine). Leo was on fire and after his effort was parried by the goalkeeper towards Game, there was no mistake from the maestro who blasted the rebound home. Leo then wrapped things up when he showed tremendous skill to maneuver past his marksmen at close range and let fly towards the bottom corner; the shot took a deflection en route to crossing the line.

    Things got difficult in the semi-final when we played the ISB Panthers. The Panthers looked a stable team in the entirety and never looked like buckling. The match stayed goalless until the final two minutes of the game when the Panthers netted two decisive goals to go through to the final, leaving us with the bronze medal playoff against Bangkok Christian School. Although it was another close affair, an early goal from our opponents was enough to separate everything. Finishing fourth was an encouraging achievement and our journey continues with a home fixture against the Harrow Lions on Monday afternoon.

    In a big sporting weekend down at Phuket from Friday to Sunday, the Storm football teams will be looking to make history by claiming gold medals at BISP Sevens and FOBISIA.

  • Shrewsbury Track Meet 09 November 2017: ReportFri 10 Nov 2017Shrewsbury Track Meet 09 November 2017: ReportRead More

    Shrewsbury Storm Central: Shrewsbury Track Meet Report Canterbury Field, Thursday 9 November 2017

    SHB Sports – A total of 165 sportspeople from the SHB Storm participated in our Track Invitational on Thursday afternoon, competing in running events against teams from Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok Prep and St. Andrews.

    The races all took place on the running track on Canterbury Field, featuring the 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m events for boys and girls in the following three categories: Under 11, 11-13 and 13-15. Some of our participants already had seeded times (personal best times) from previous races and were hot on the heels to make more history. On the microphone to start off all the heats of runners was U15 Boys BISAC Cross Country 2017 champion Tomas Rosso. Prior to the race he had been giving plenty of helpful support to his close friend Leo Decorte, Year 10 Inter-House Cross Country gold medallist.

    SHB Storm footballers were frequently in the spotlight today, with Oliver Radcliffe smashing two of his personal best times and clinching one gold and one silver. Tonkaaw also set two PB times in the U11 category on his way to silver and bronze. In the Girls 11-13 event, Angie won two events and was joined on the podium by Keila and Purse. Lea and Sydney, two other gold medallists, also planted new seeds into their records. Lea knocked off a massive 12.34 seconds from her 800m seed, whereas Sydney was 0.96 faster than her seed in the 100m, where all three medallists were from the SHB Storm.

    One of the top highlights was Euro Kimlengjew sweeping three gold medals and achieving a personal best time of 2:27.19 in the U13 Boys 800m. Following a successful outing in the BISAC JV Boys Football tournament on Sunday, Euro stormed to victory in three different events: 200m, 400m and 800m. This was one of the biggest medal hauls of the day by an individual athlete. The supporters were very excited by the way he cruised along the track in dominance. The 400m and 800m podium also saw Ajay on stage. Ajay, who won the Year 9 Cross Country for the Phoenix, took 8.59 seconds off his seeded time in the 800 metres, pipping the third placed Bangkok Prep runner by 4.81.

    The Boys 13-15 200 metre event was one of the later ones during the day but it was certainly one of the truly colourful ones. The first and second placed runners were both from the Tigers. Janus (SHB Storm) came home with the bronze medal in 27.05, breaking his seeded time of 28.40 by 1.35 seconds. The U13 FOBISIA Games 2017 high jump gold medallist had made significant improvements in his short distance running, having trained with the U15 Basketball team in interval training every session during the season up to BISAC, and this medal is a fitting tribute to his diligence. In total, the SHB Storm won 14 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 9 bronze medals from the 25 events on offer today, and we are already looking forward to the next one in Term 2 on Thursday 15 February 2018. “One Home One Hope” – “Canterbury Field, Running Races”.

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  • Falcons Sports Season 1 BISAC/SEASAC Wrap UpFri 10 Nov 2017Falcons Sports Season 1 BISAC/SEASAC Wrap UpRead More

    It has been a season full of achievements for our Falcons teams. Varsity Teams wrapped up their season on a high note at SEASAC competitions. All 4 teams finished in top 4 spots, fending off competition from more than 10 international schools, the very best of South East Asia. As NIST International School is celebrating its 25th year anniversary over the course of this year, Varsity Boys Football squad added to the celebrations, bringing home the SEASAC Varsity Boys Football Champions trophy, last won 14 years ago. Our teams are growing in numbers and producing remarkable performances are 3 more squads winning BISAC trophies - JV Boys Football, JV Girls Football and JV Boys Volleyball. Sports & ECA Department would like to extend sincere thanks to parents and members of community for the ongoing support to our Falcons teams. Congratulations to all the players and coaches for a fruitful first season. Here are the messages from captains and coaches:

    Varsity Boys Football (SEASAC Champions)

    On the build-up to SEASAC, the Varsity success rate was at 100%. After having been triumphant winning the trophy at BISAC, the team was full of confidence, and ready for our final tournament. All of us knew that none of it would be easy, that we would have to work hard, and be determined, if we were to win the title. As the first game kicked off, everyone could feel the anxiety of the players. After a beautiful finish from our striker Louie Beardow, we were in the game, and were in our zone. After the first day, all of us were delighted with our performance, having beaten last year’s finalists CDNIS, last year’s champions UWCE, newly promoted GIS and biggest loss to UWCD. On second day, we continued with the momentum as we managed to beat Tanglin, and scored a 2-0 victory against our rivals, BPS. After this phenomenal performance, we were in the semi finals, playing against Tanglin yet again. The team played brilliantly, scraping up a 5-1 win. The win provided a sense of relief for the team, however, anxiety was present once again, as we were to face UWCD in the final. Sunday morning, the players are ready, they’ve got their heads in the game, and are focused on winning. After a very intense game, we were triumphant, defeating UWC Dover 2-0, with goals from Aayush Kogar and Sebastian Waring. As the final whistle blew, the team was jubilant. After a great deal of effort and commitment, all 12 players were able to achieve their goal - to win the SEASAC. The tournament was a great success, having been defeated only once. This team is the second ever team to win SEASAC for NIST, last won 14 years ago. With this a win, a lot of credit is due to our coaches, Patrick Keirnan and Rob Mathews, who worked with us throughout the season and played a huge part in our success. I would also like to thank all the parents and supporters, who’s encouragement kept us focussed on the games, and overall, helped us succeed. I would like to thank all the players on that team, who have helped me achieve a big personal goal. For me, I have never enjoyed playing with any other team, and wish the season could still continue. I could have never asked for a better team overall, and it was an honour, to serve under two amazing coaches, as the captain of a SEASAC winning team and to play along side some of the greatest ever NIST football players. My love and compassion for my team mates is extremely powerful, and to me, this year’s team was the best football team NIST has ever produced. I would like to give recognition to all the 12 players featured in this team; Arash Algouneh, Louie Beardow, Kane Kidwell, Aayush Kogar, Jesse Leenders, Sebastian Warning, Alexandre Meyer, Frank Mundy, Jose Navarro Gallegos, Rohit Punj, Amane Ryomura and Ranveer Singhpathom. Their astonishing performance has earned them a place in the history books, as the most successful NIST football team, who have the best statistical record without a single loss, and brought the championship back on NIST turf.

    - Alexandre Meyer (Y13), Varsity Boys Football Captain

    Varsity Girls Football (SEASAC 2nd Place)

    After a long and tough season of intense football, the Varsity girls team was ready for their final tournament in SAIS, Singapore. In the pool games, our young players amazed the crowd with some stunning goals and we managed to secure the top spot in our pool. Despite being out-sized by our opponents in the semis and finals, the girls fought hard, giving it their all to ultimately come out in a respectable second place - a spectacular achievement for such a young team! Congratulations to the team and to Aanya, Maia, and Arisara for their well-deserved All-Star awards!

    - Sherienne Koh (Y13), Varsity Girls Football Captain

    Varsity Girls Volleyball (SEASAC 3rd Place)

    The NIST girls' varsity volleyball team recently traveled to Singapore to compete in the Division 1 SEASAC Championships at UWC East. The level of competition in Division 1 girls' volleyball is extremely high in SEASAC, and the tournament provided both challenges and triumphs for the team. Over three days the team competed in 7 matches, each being best of five. The first day, the team lost to UWC Dover and won against Canadian International School of Hong Kong and UWC East. The second day of the tournament proved to be challenging for the Falcons with hard fought losses to RIS, Patana, and UWC Dover in the semifinals. With a tough Saturday behind them, the Falcons came ready to play on Sunday morning, handing Patana a scorching 3-0 loss and winning NIST the bronze medal. The girls showed amazing grit and perseverance as they were able to overcome their losses, learn from mistakes, and ultimately end the season on a successful note. Congratulations on a great season, ladies!

    - Coach Julia Sheridan and Coach Or

    Varsity Boys Volleyball (SEASAC 4th Place)

    The SEASAC Boys Volleyball entered the tournament in a confident mood after a couple good wins against strong opposition in the lead up to the competition. Game 1 of the tournament was against the hosts UWC East. The entire match was incredibly close and went to the full five sets. Unfortunately for our boys East edged the final set 16 - 14 to take the win. This did not dampen the NIST boy's spirits and they marched on to win their next two games against International School Yangon and UWC Dover finishing the day with a 2 to 1 record. Day 2 presented two tough matches against Bangkok Patana and CDNIS. Both games were close but the boys were defeated in each. The final day of the tournament presented the boys with the opportunity to win the bronze medal. Their opponents were once again CDNIS. The match was again very close and the NIST boys were unlucky to fall behind in the fifth set and eventually lost by a score of 15 - 9. Overall, it was a successful tournament for the boys and they have a great deal to be proud of.

    - Coach Simon Herbert - Director of Athletics and Activities, Coach Oh and Coach Nong

    JV Boys Volleyball (BISAC Champions)

    During the beginning of the season, we had a team of many young volleyball players. However these young player seems to have a passion for volleyball. We were able to win all of our league games and begin our BISAC championship as the top seed. On the day, everyone was confident that we were able to bring back the trophy back to NIST. In our first two matches of the group stages we faced host RIS and then HIS. With our dedication and commitment to our training, we were able to win both our matches easily with the score of 2-0. We ended our BISAC group stage first in the pool. We went on to square off against ISB, another strong contender. During the game, we made a excellent start from a lot of good serves which makes it us confident that we were gonna take the first set. After winning the first set, we were able to stay focus for the rest of the game. We collaborate and supported each other throughout the match and ended up winning comfortably 2-0. The final game of the season was playing in the finals against the host RIS. Everyone knew that RIS is a tough competitor and that we should always try to concentrate and focus in every point that we made. During the match, we were able to make excellent serves, good receives, sets and spikes which helped us to a comfortable and a well-deserved victory. We walked out as Champions, finishing the season undefeated. Overall, We are really proud of the effort and dedication we have put in. I hope that these young volleyball players will be part of next year’s varsity team.

    - Peem Boonvisuit (Y12), JV Boys Volleyball Captain

    JV Girls Football (BISAC Champions)

    The JV girls came into the BISAC tournament in fourth place, having gone 1-5 in our season games. But spirits were high as we started the day. The sun was shining, the ICS grass fields were green, and we had a full roster for the day, which didn't happen for any of our other games this season. We started with a win against RIS. Gabi Lozano (Year 8) and Ella Sator (Year 10) both scored. This was followed by a hard 0-3 loss to BPS. The direct midday sun, a physical Patana team and their stop pieces were just too fierce. We were surprised and happy to hear that this pool play result was enough to land us in the semi-finals against ISB. The JV girls played their best in the next two games. We stepped up our defence, shutout ISB and went to penalty kicks to win the semi-finals. We then faced BPS again in the finals, and this time we were ready. We played stronger and more aggressive and earned ourselves the tournament trophy, a proud day for us this promising squad.

    - Coach Anne Holzman

    U13 Girls Volleyball

    The U13 girls basketball team had a successful conclusion to the season, finishing fourth at last Saturday's BISAC tournament. A big win against ISB in the first game, our first this season after three losses, combined with a win over ASB pushed us into the semi-finals. BPS, the eventual BISAC champion, beat us in the semis, and we were unable to get past Harrow in the consolation game. After five games in eight hours, the girls were tired but also happy with the results, wrapping up the season in high spirit.

    - Coach Jesse Worley

    U15 Boys Rugby

    The NIST U15 rugby team had come along leaps and bounds in their ability, skills and knowledge of rugby this season, so we were all looking forward to having an opportunity to put all of this into action at the BISAC rugby tournament, our culminating event of the season. We played BPS bright and early in the first game of the tournament and despite gaining the upper hand and momentum on the pitch in the second half, we could not convert it to enough points to overcome them. Next up was Shrewsbury where we put all of our pieces together and were awarded with a convincing victory. Before lunch we played Harrow, which was our hardest opponent all season. Despite losing the first game, we knew if we beat Harrow, we had an opportunity to win the whole tournament. Harrow kicked off to start the match, NIST caught the ball on the full and sprinted past all seven Harrow players to score. An excellent start to the match. Unfortunately, when we kicked back to Harrow, they did the same thing to us and drew the match at five all with less than a minute of the game played. Both teams settled into a great match and when the final horn was blown, we were winning the match. However, in rugby, play continues until the ball is dead, so Harrow continued an offensive onslaught and managed to score after a few minutes or relentless attack, handing us a morale shattering loss. Our final game was against the host team ISB, who had a massive, intimidating team. Despite this, we beat them convincingly in the first half and had momentum totally behind us. Unfortunately they came out after the half with all cylinders firing and managed to beat us. Overall it was a great day, all the players learned a lot about rugby and themselves from the experience. All the teams at the tournament where very evenly matched, so it made the competition fun and fair for everyone. 

    - Coach Mitch Norris

  • Shrewsbury International School
  • Mon 6 Nov 2017Running Club Read More

    Please see contents of letter below:


    6th November 2017

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Running Club

    The morning running club led and organised by Mr Chai is one of the most popular and successful activities in the school. A big well done to Mr Chai!

    To develop it further and to ensure that every runners needs are fully catering for, we are going to trial the following approach for Season/Block 2. Your valuable feedback during and afterwards would be hugely appreciated.

    • Healthy running and fun (Coach Jang and Coach Benz) The focus will be on health, getting fit trying to start a sport which they haven't done much of in addition to having loads of fun. There will be no medals or trophies. Suitable for Year 3-7.
    • Learn to run  (Mr Chai) The focus will be on developing basic running fundamentals and include differentiated running activities to develop students whilst also having loads of fun. Times may be taken but the longer term athlete development is key. Suitable for Year 3-7
    • Running Team (Invitation only and optional) (Coach Omar) The focus will be on preparation for competition, there will be a definite focus on technique and clear progressions in performance noted. Time trails and regular timings will be undertaken and runners will understand the next steps needed for their own improvement. Two groups, Year 3-8 and Year 8 to 13.Students will be invited to join this group by the Coaching team based upon times, attitude, attendance as well as  their own professional judgment.

    Please note this club is to develop running and will not be used for selection purposes for FOBISA games teams.

    This will start on Wednesday 13th November – Mr Radcliffe will explain the rationale and set up to all parents and runners who are present.

  • BISAC U13 Girls BasketballMon 6 Nov 2017BISAC U13 Girls BasketballRead More

    U13 Girls Basketball : 2nd place overall

    In the group games Shrewsbury Girls beat ICS and RIS in the round robin and then lost to the overall winners BPS. The main highlight from the tournament  is the extraordinary comeback against HIS, in the league games during the season we lost to them by two points, so the game was a big match. After the second quarter the girls were down by 10 points however, in the third quarter we showed great grit and determination and concentrated hard on our defensive game. HIS didn't manage to score another point and we gradually chipped away at their lead demonstrating great skill and team spirit until with 6 seconds left Pear was fouled and she went to the free throw line to win the game by 1 point...

    The girls played really well in the final but came second to the deserving winners BPS.


    Well done all!

  • Sun 5 Nov 2017BISAC Junior Varsity Boys Football ReportRead More

    Falcons stun Tigers to clinch BISAC Gold on penalties; Leo scores an absolute screamer from direct free-kick in our final group match

    The Falcons defeated the Tigers 2-1 on penalties after extra time finished 2-2, but most of the spectators believed it was all over when BPS led 2-1.  The Falcons were on the verge of silver medals until the final minutes of the second half when one of their strikers sprinted towards a loose ball and blocked the clearance of the Tigers’ goalkeeper into the back of the net, making it one of the most hilarious equalisers in the entire tournament. In the shootout, the Falcons goalie saved the first spot kick to give his team a massive advantage after Falcons scored. Both teams missed their second set and scored the final set, which meant the Falcons will go on to lift the trophy.

    Thanks to our team’s goalkeeper and rising star Tee Srivikorn, we were kept in the game against the Tigers who were the superior team. The Tigers were ahead after about 12 seconds when Kenji stormed into the penalty area to finish off a ferocious volley and doubled their lead not long after. But we still believed…because Tee was refusing to give up as he was bombarded with shots. Parrying some over the bar with smiles and diving to catch a few more, the whole team increased in confidence in light of his courageous displays. Albeit the 2-0 defeat, we were upbeat for the Panthers match.

    The Panthers demolished TCIS 3-0 and caused the Tigers a lot of headaches during their league match this season, won 2-1 by the Panthers. It was evenly poised until the Storm conceded an own goal under quite stressful circumstances. The Panthers were full of energy and there was little to obstruct Thomas from strolling forward and dribbling a rebounded shot into an empty goal – Storm 2-0 behind at half time just like the last game. Leo tested the Panthers with a free kick which was fluidly saved whereas Sghett, one of our favourite forwards, struck the post as the Storm persevered. In the second half the Panthers wanted to race away into a big lead but their dreams were totally smoked. First, a long range shot was punched over the bar by Tee and several more attempts were thwarted by our heroic ‘keeper with tremendous style and athleticism.

    The match against TCIS saw us fall behind early but in the second half Leo earned his team a free kick when he was upended by a poor tackle by an opponent. Sghett put pressure on the goalkeeper and a lot of players were scrambling into the area. Leo saw the chance to smack the ball low and hard into the ground away from the wall to level the scores in sumptuous fashion. And still more saves from Tee! Unfortunately, TCIS edged us in the golden goal to send us to the 7th place playoff against the RIS Phoenix.

    Our last match saw the home crowd give everything in terms of moral support. Game’s name was sung as he showcased skills reminiscent of U11 FOBISIA Games 2017 stars Guy Chuabanlue and Ollie Radcliffe; Sage was ever so energetic and was our hero of the game as he continued his tenacious displays on top of one of his earlier “impeccable” sliding tackles, and we enjoyed every moment of “world class player” Kazuki and seeing Earth trouble the opposition defence. Fynn was close to scoring a winner but for the opposition defence. In the end, it was penalties; tears for heroes dressed in green as we lost to RIS.

    We have plenty of positives ahead to look to as we prepare for our next outing at the BISP Football Sevens Invitational from 23rd to 26th November in Phuket. Go Storm! Hopefully no more need for dreaming of the gold medal in three weeks’ time.

  • Sat 4 Nov 2017SHB Storm U15 Boys Basketball BISAC Report Read More

    SHB Storm Central: BISAC U15 Basketball 2017 Report

    Storm finish in sixth place overall; Schaab leads the way today with 30 points in the group phase, including 9 points from downtown.

    The Storm continued their adventures on the basketball court this morning after succumbing to a narrow 48-43 defeat away to the NIST Falcons. Their opponents were the ASB Eagles and the ISB Panthers. The Panthers drubbed the Eagles 38-8 on Thursday afternoon, meaning the Storm had to win the Eagles to stand any chance of progressing. That was exactly what happened to the delight of the team. Schaab was first onto the scoreboard with a basket from inside the arc before Teddy and Tad helped the Storm pull away. The Eagles fought back to trail 13-15 at the end of the second quarter but afterwards it was all Storm as we romped to a 26-15 victory. Schaab top-scored with 12 points, Teddy had 6, Tad had 4 and there were 2 points each from Fynn and Leon. This set the stage for the final round of group matches where the Storm needed to overcome the Panthers to enter the semi-finals. This was in light of the Panthers’ 57-28 win over Falcons.

    The Storm-Panthers encounter was a classic for the spectator by all means. Schaab, who is one of our team’s favourite players, pulled the scores level and then hit a beauty from downtown in response to the Panthers’ two three-pointers earlier on. The Panthers scored again from outside the key before Teddy netted one free-throw as we finished 6-16 at the end of the quarter. The next eight minutes saw Tad score a 2 and 1 after scoring a basket and earning the foul. Then we were in sheer elation to see Schaab basket two more from downtown and Tad achieving a 3 pointer as the Storm started clawing their way back. The Panthers were the superior team in the offense and started establishing an advantage by a big margin with several free-throws, lay-ups and two more shots from the field, eventually defeating the Storm by 48-31 to clinch top of the group ahead of the Falcons, who ousted the Eagles to finish as runners-up.

    The Storm lost 36-29 to RIS Phoenix in 5th place playoff but before today’s fun ended there was one last chance to appreciate a fourth basket from downtown by Schaab with less than 1 minute to go.

    Many of the basketball players will feature for the JV Boys Football team in BISAC on Sunday and the Storm will be ready to face the best teams again, this time on the Canterbury Field on home soil.

  • Wed 1 Nov 2017Team Shrewsbury Selection 2017/18Read More

    1st November 2017

    Team Shrewsbury

    Dear Parents and Students,

    As you know the programme has been considerably amended to ensure the best possible support for students in Team Shrewsbury. Further details on what has taken place so far this academic year can be found under the news section on

    It is fantastic that so many students have applied to join Team Shrewsbury for this academic year. To ensure that I receive a comprehensive picture of every pupil who has applied, it is vitally important that every PE teacher and coach who is involved in their athletic development is consulted.

    This process has now been finalised and further details on the next steps will be sent out within the next few days.


    Yours sincerely,


    Paul Rotheram

    Director of Sport and Activities

  • NIST International School
  • BISAC Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball Schedule @RISFri 20 Oct 2017BISAC Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball Schedule @RISRead More

    Congratulations to our Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball team for successfully qualifying for the CUP Championships. The matches will be held on Sunday, 5 November at Ruamrudee International School. Attached is the schedule.

    Good luck Falcons!

  • BISAC Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball Schedule @RISFri 20 Oct 2017BISAC Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball Schedule @RISRead More

    Congratulations to our Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball team for successfully qualifying for the CUP Championships. The matches will be held on Saturday, 4 November at Ruamrudee International School. Attached is the schedule.

    Good luck Falcons! 

  • BISAC U13 Boys Basketball @ASB Green ValleyFri 20 Oct 2017BISAC U13 Boys Basketball @ASB Green ValleyRead More

    BISAC U13 Boys Basketball will be held at ASB, Green Valley campus on Saturday, 4 November.

    Attached is the schedule. Go Falcons!

  • Falcons Second Season Sports TryoutsThu 19 Oct 2017Falcons Second Season Sports TryoutsRead More

    Here's the schedule for Second Season of Falcons Sports Tryouts. Tryouts starts from 6 November.

    All NIST students are welcome to try out for a sport. There is no need to sign up for tryouts. Students are simply required to show up for tryouts at the designated time and location.


    Varsity Girls Basketball

    Monday 6 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 3

    Wednesday 8 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 3

    Coach: Sunday Pannan, Megan Lockett

    Training Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 2 Fitness Session: Thursday ➢ 2:45-3:30PM ➤ Fitness Room


    Varsity Boys Basketball

    Monday 6 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 1 & 2

    Wednesday 8 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 1 & 2

    Coach: Randy Wallis

    Training Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 1 Fitness Session: Tuesday ➢ 2:45-3:30PM ➤ Fitness Room


    JV Girls Basketball

    Monday 6 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 3

    Wednesday 8 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 3

    Coach: Oh Boonruan

    Training Days: Wednesday, Friday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ HUB Gym


    JV Boys Basketball

    Monday 6 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 1 & 2

    Wednesday 8 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 1 & 2

    Coach: TBD

    Training Days: Wednesday, Friday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 3


    U15 Girls Football

    Tuesday 7 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Thursday 9 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Coach: Chantel Marson

    Training Days: Tuesday, Thursday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 2


    U15 Boys Football

    Tuesday 7 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 1

    Thursday 9 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 1

    Coach: Pat Keirnan

    Training Days: Tuesday, Thursday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 1


    U13 Girls Football

    Wednesday 8 November ➢ 2:30PM – 3:45PM ➤ Field 2

    Friday 10 November ➢ 2:30PM – 3:45PM ➤ Field 2

    Coach: TBD

    Training Days: Monday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 1, Wednesday ➢ 2:30-3:45PM ➤ Field 2


    U13 Boys Football

    Monday 6 November ➢ 2:30PM – 3:45PM ➤ Field 2

    Thursday 9 November ➢ 2:30PM – 3:45PM ➤ Field 2

    Coach: Guillermo Arce

    Training Days: Monday ➢ 3:45-5:30PM ➤ Field 2, Thursday ➢ 2:30-3:45PM ➤ Field 2


    U15 Girls Badminton

    Tuesday 7 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3

    Thursday 9 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3

    Coaches: Coach Tum & Badminton Coaches

    Training Days: Tuesday, Thursday ➢ 3.30-5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3


    U15 Boys Badminton

    Tuesday 7 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3

    Thursday 9 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3

    Coaches: Coach Tum & Badminton Coaches

    Training Days: Tuesday, Thursday ➢ 3.30-5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3


    U13 Girls Badminton

    Tuesday 7 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3

    Thursday 9 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3

    Coaches: Coach Tum & Badminton Coaches

    Training Days: Tuesday, Thursday ➢ 3.30-5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3


    U13 Boys Badminton

    Tuesday 7 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3

    Thursday 9 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3

    Coaches: Coach Tum & Badminton Coaches

    Training Days: Tuesday, Thursday ➢ 3.30-5:30PM ➤ Courts 1, 2 & 3


    Varsity Girls Tennis

    Wednesday 8 November ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Tennis Courts

    Coach: Ko

    Training Days: Wednesday, Friday ➢ 4:00-6:00PM ➤ Tennis Courts Fitness Session: Wednesday ➢ 2:45-3:30PM ➤ Fitness Room


    Varsity Boys Tennis

    Monday 6 November ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Tennis Courts

    Coach: Ko

    Training Days: Wednesday, Friday ➢ 4:00-6:00PM ➤ Tennis Courts Fitness Session: Wednesday ➢ 2:45-3:30PM ➤ Fitness Room


    Varsity Rugby

    Monday 6 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 1

    Wednesday 8 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 1

    Coach: Jarrod Rayner, Craig Stevenson, El Chopaka

    Training Days: Wednesday, Friday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 1 Fitness Session: Monday ➢ 2:45-3:30PM ➤ Fitness Room


    Varsity Touch

    Monday 6 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Wednesday 8 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Coach: Ben Charpentier, Dana Piggott

    Training Days: Wednesday, Friday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 2 Fitness Session: Monday ➢ 2:45-3:30PM ➤ Fitness Room


    JV Touch

    Monday 6 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Wednesday 8 November ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Coach: MacGregor Grier

    Training Days: Monday, Friday ➢ 2:30-15:45PM ➤ Field 2


  • BISAC U13 Tennis Team ResultsThu 12 Oct 2017BISAC U13 Tennis Team ResultsRead More

    Our tennis teams had a great run over this season. A lot of effort and practice has gone into producing some of the best performances from these budding Falcons. Last weekend, our U13 teams, both boys and girls, had the opportunity to compete in BISAC Team event, some of who competed for the first time. Boys event was held was Harrow International School while the girls team squared off at ISB.

    In the girls competition, NIST Falcons qualified 2nd from the pool, advancing to semifinals stage to play against BPS. They were able to leap pass BPS and went on to compete in finals against Harrow. In the finals, our girls focused and played some of their best matches, resulting in a victory, eventually claiming that elusive BISAC U13 Girls Team Trophy. Congratulations to Pitta, Eva, Gemma, Nam Yen and Nampueng for a victorious season.

    On the boys side, NIST Falcons qualified 2nd from the pool, advancing to the semifinals. Though they fought with a lot of intensity and grit, our boys were not able to fend off tough competition from BPS. They squared off with Harrow in the battle for 3rd place. Falcons came out on top, claiming 3rd place for the BISAC U13 Boys Team Trophy. Congratulations to Shawn, Tomasi, Jay, Roy and Arm for a great run.

    It has been a season full of achievements for our U13 teams and we will continue to build on this success in the future. Go Falcons!

  • BISAC Varsity Teams Results Wrap UpThu 12 Oct 2017BISAC Varsity Teams Results Wrap UpRead More

    Over the years, our Varsity Teams have produced impressive results at several BISAC competition; Last weekend wasn't any different. All the 4 teams were able to qualify for the Cup Championship finals round.

    Varsity Boys Football team had a great run and that continued all the way to the finals, claiming the 1st place trophy, victorious over BPS in the Finals held at RIS. Varsity Girls Football and Varsity Girls Volleyball managed to secure 3rd place in their events at Shrewsbury.Varsity Boys Volleyball team finished 4th in the Cup Competition held here at NIST.

    Below are the messages from the teams:

    Varsity Boys Football Team

    On the road to BISAC, the Varsity team’s performance was nothing short of impressive, winning every 7 a-side game, playing in a disciplined and controlled manner. After being triumphant at the NIST friendship, BISAC was the next obstacle. Many players were nervous, especially the ones who were in the team last year, those who suffered that loss in the final. Sunday morning, the teams were ready, we were ready, and first up was TRAILL, the team we lost to last year. We came out of that game victorious, with the score at 2-1. Next, the final, against Bangkok Pattana, who will see at SEASAC as well. The tension was high, and both teams were nervous. We ended on a high note, winning 1-0, with a perfect strike from our very own, Louie Beardow. As the referee blew the final whistle, we could not help contain our excitement. Its been an honour to captain this strong squad. This tremendous victory has sparked confidence in our team, and we eagerly await our biggest competition, SEASAC, in less than a month’s time, which we hope to walk out victorious from.

    - Alexandre Meyer Y13, Varsity Boys Football team Captain.


    Varsity Girls Volleyball Team

    Varsity Girls' Volleyball team travelled to Shrewsbury International School to participate in the BISAC Cup Tournament. They started the day facing the top seeded ISB in the semi-final. The girls fought hard, but in the end the Panthers took the match. The second and final match of the day was against Shrewsbury International School, where the Falcons were able to win in straight sets to take third place in the tournament. Congratulations to the team for a podium finish! We're all looking forward to the remainder of the season with our final three friendly matches and the SEASAC tournament in November. Keep up the great work, girls! Go Falcons!

    - Coach Julia Sheridan and Coach Or


    Varsity Girls Football Team

    After a tough season of intense trainings and league games, the Varsity Girls Football team qualified to play off for the BISAC Cup, which was held at Shrewsbury International School on the 8th of October. Our team put up a tough fight against top-seeded BPS. Despite a mid-game loss of their goalkeeper, however, we failed to qualify for the finals. In the 3rd-4th playoff, we delighted our parents, supporters and coaches, and showcased the fruit of our labour by eventually beating ICS 5-0 to win 3rd place. Congratulations to the team for this well-deserved award!

    - Sherienne Koh Y13, Varsity Girls Football team Captain.

  • Shrewsbury International School
  • Thu 12 Oct 2017U15 Girls Basketball: SHB Storm 37-26 Harrow LionsRead More

    U15 Girls Basketball: SHB Storm 37-26 HIS Lions

    The Storm battled from behind to defeat the Lions by 11 points in a big day of basketball which saw a total of four teams from the Storm face off against the Lions.

    The girls, playing at home, had the advantage of the home crowd as their supporters but they were no match for the Lions early on. Storm were struck on the fast break frequently and had little possession; Lions deservedly cruised to a 10-4 lead by the end of the first quarter. The Storm gradually bounced back, with Pink and Maysa scoring from inside the key and Honor netting a free-throw. The Lions attempted shots from downtown several times and still looked stronger.

    In the third and fourth quarter the Lions and Storm were both scoring a lot of baskets but the tide swung towards the home team as the Storm offense started making some significant improvements compared with the beginning of the game. More players were getting on the scoresheet, with a 2-pointer by Jeannie being one such example. Eventually the Storm built a comfortable 11-point cushion which they maintained until the end of the game, where the result finished 37-26.

    In other news, the Storm U15 Boys fell to a narrow 25-15 defeat against the Lions away in a game of few baskets (Source: SHB Sports). Time is ticking down on BISAC Basketball Day (Saturday 4 November) and next week sees both the U15 boys and girls play against the Falcons on home ground in what will be the final league match before the tournament.

    The SHB Storm will be hosting the U15 Girls BISAC Basketball.

  • Wed 11 Oct 2017U11A Boys Basketball Match ReportRead More

    SHB Storm U11-A Boys Basketball v Harrow Lions (H)

    Storm: 45-Theo (small forward), 41-Cian (Centre), 10-Nupp (shooting forward), 97-Ollie (Point Guard), 72-Sky (small forward), 129-Fame (shooting guard), 84-Matthew (Centre), 36-Poom (power forward), 64-JJ (small forward), 43-Pip (small forward)

    Tuesday 10 October 2017 – The Storm entertained the Lions on a big afternoon of basketball today, with both the U11 first and second teams having the opportunity to take to the court for another hoops friendly match. This was the first game for the boys after the BPS Invitational on Friday. The Storm started off brightly with Theo scoring from just inside the key, and as the Lions leveled Theo got another two points for a 4-2 lead. However, the Lions grew from strength to strength and by the end of the first half they were in a healthy 14-4 lead.

    In the third quarter Theo got his sixth basket, then made two assists to Ollie Radcliffe to help him to 4 points; the Storm however were not so good on the fast break and a lot of long passes were a bit weak so got intercepted by the Lions’ small forwards. Fortunately we only trailed by 7 at the break with a much improved defense compared to the first half.

    The fourth quarter is always the decisive 8 minutes of the match. Ollie scored another two points in response to a Lion’s basket, keeping things tight at 12-19. Despite the perseverance from the players in trying to get back, the Lions’ offense had been developing continuously and it was the high shooting accuracy which saw them break away to 28-12 with only 2:40 remaining. Still not giving up, Theo Decorte dropped six points and was encouraged by his friends from the bench to attempt “three-pointers” from downtown. Fame got 2 points with less than 10 seconds to go and the Lions had just enough time for another basket before the game ended, which meant the final score was a 20-34 defeat to the Storm.

    Theo was top-scorer with 12 points. Ollie netted 6 and Fame had 2 points. The Storm U13 Boys play Harrow at home on Thursday afternoon, whilst U15 Boys visit the Lions.


  • SHB Storm vs HIS Lions JV Boys Football Match ReportWed 11 Oct 2017SHB Storm vs HIS Lions JV Boys Football Match ReportRead More

    SHB Storm v HIS Lions: Lions roar through the Storm in regular time but get blown back to their den in friendly; Sghett brace delight tonight

    Wednesday 11 October: The Lions defeated the Storm 2-1 (half-time 2-0 to the Lions) in the competitive portion of the fixture but fell to a 2-0 defeat in the final third (the friendly portion) as the two schools continued their preparations for BISAC Football, which will be held on Sunday 5 November at the “Home of Student Football”, Canterbury Field, SHB School Bangkok.

    The Storm fell behind after just two minutes when the Lions showed clever play with William sprinting towards a loose ball and then flicking it deftly into the near corner. A lacklustre first half saw both sides fight for possession in midfield and just a few occasions when the goalkeepers got threatened. Towards the end of the half the Lions saw an attractive chance where the ball was begging to be put away; the striker pressured the defender and stuck a foot in and directed the ball into the bottom right.

    We still believed. This was especially true of our heroic goalkeeper Tee. He was there time and again to frustrate the Lions and there were three or four of his spectacular saves which gave a massive lift to our morale. The team refused to throw in the towel until day descended. Eventually we got the goal we were looking for! Sghett made a good turn and instantly swung his foot through the ball, belting it home with tremendous precision.

    Here’s the friendly now. The kick-off saw Sghett saunter through the Lions defence and smash his effort into the roof of the goal (he smashed it so hard I’m surprised the ball didn’t need medical treatment). This was typical Storm at their best. As we started to be mentally relaxed our creativity emerged and we witnessed Leo and Sage test the opponents with a scintillating move or two, whereas Fynn was the Guy Chuabanlue of the JV Boys when he performed some skills reminiscent of the U13 striker who had scored the two crucial goals during our Primary FOBISIA Games triumph in June. As Fynn was doing those stunts for fun Pony was soon to follow in his footsteps; the tall striker stole a rare free ball inside the Lions’ area with a predatory stance and instantly netted with aplomb.  This was his first goal as a footballer for the Storm – we know he’ll score more sometime soon.

  • NIST International School
  • Falcons Athletics Leadership Council MembersWed 11 Oct 2017Falcons Athletics Leadership Council MembersRead More

    Over the last two weeks interviews have been taking place with applicants from Years 10 - 13 for positions on the newly reformed Falcons Athletic Leadership Council. 

    The Falcons Athletic Leadership Council will seek to enhance the NIST student-athlete experience by fostering a positive student image, expanding school and community public relations, sponsoring and participating in school and community service activities, improving communication, and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle by encouraging positive and spirited participation among students at our school. 

    Over 20 students applied for the 15 vacant positions and for many, it was the first time they had experienced the job interview process. Every student interviewed well displaying their passions for sports and for increasing awareness for participation within our Falcons teams.

    Upon completion of the interviews the following students were selected for the council.


    Executive Board

    • Chair - Sherienne Koh

    • Vice Chair - Joshua Rapson

    • Secretary - Coty Chen

    • Treasurer - Sunshine Tanphiphat

    • Fundraising Coordinator - Petanque Peechapol

    • Communications Coordinator - Tanylle Ashenden

    • Spirit Coordinator - Catherine Blocker

    • Events Coordinator - Sam Atherton

    • Community Liaison Officer - Minseung Kang

    • Sports Teams Representative - Khen Scott - Kemmis

    • Director of Athletics & Activities - Simon Herbert
    • NIPTA Sports Representative for Secondary School - Shannon Blocker
    • Coach Representative - Chantel Marson


    Sub Committee

    • Social Media Coordinator - Chie Kamayama
    • Communications Assistant (2 positions) - Aanya Oswal - Monteiro & Jackie Thai
    • Assistant Journalists (2 positions) - Jasmine Tantituvanont & Hannah Kim

    The council is excited to get to work on a number of exciting initiatives and has its first meeting next week to get the ball rolling.


    Simon Herbert

    Director of Athletics & Activities

  • Shrewsbury International School
  • BISAC Varsity FootballMon 9 Oct 2017BISAC Varsity FootballRead More

    Varsity Football


    Shrewsbury Storm Varsity Girls lift BISAC Plate Trophy with 5-0 annihilation of ASB Eagles; Palmy nets brace en route to boys’ runner-up finish

    Sunday 8 October 2017 – The SHB Storm Varsity boys and girls football teams made a long 24-mile journey from home to International Community School to compete in this year’s BISAC Plate football tournaments.

    The boys team were first up at 09:30 with an encounter against the Harrow Lions. They got off to a dream start when Palmy scored a double in the early minutes to hand the Storm a massive psychological advantage. The Lions were unable to provide much deterrence today and Callum Lewis got on the scoresheet as the Storm went on an attacking rampage. In the second half, Callum provided an assist with a teasing cross from the right wing which Sching volleyed past the ‘keeper with aplomb. The ball trickled over the goalline and as the first signs of the ball crossing the line were realised by our strikers, we ran back to the centre circle in absolute elation.

    So that was 4-0 for the boys. The girls did get tested far more against RIS Phoenix though. Things were evenly poised until the latter stages of the first half when Honor delivered a corner into the penalty area. There was a hectic goalmouth scramble when one of our shots got cleared off the line, but Benny followed up with a scintillating, impeccable half-volley. The goal helped assuage all those pre-match nerves but at the same time spurred the Phoenix into action; exerting sustained pressure the Phoenix equalised after splitting our defence with some top-class attacking displays. The golden goal was required to separate the two teams, but before that the Phoenix almost nicked the game if it wasn’t for a super save by Earn to deny a late header. In the fourth minute of golden goal, Klesa Wilson dribbled past her markers and slotted home with composure to lift all our fans off the seats in sheer excitement. The girls would play ASB Eagles at 12:30 in the final.

    The boys came up against RIS Phoenix in their final; this turned out to be a difficult encounter with the Phoenix racing into a 3-0 lead at the half. Michael Murphy was outstanding between the sticks and his top-draw saves kept the team in the game. His finest save of them all was denying a virtually certain goal from point-blank range. In the 16th minute Callum ‘s heroic clearance off the line was relief for the team as on that occasion the ball was already heading towards the net with the ‘keeper well beaten. Although the game was in the bag for the Phoenix, the Storm struck a fine consolation goal through Robbie McEvoy who smashed in emphatically from John’s astute assist. Not a bad day out…time to shift back to the girls now as we approached 12:30. A defining 40 minutes lied ahead of the girls who had laboured to a hard-fought victory in their semi-final.

    The ASB Eagles fell behind after just four minutes. Benny deftly sidefooted the ball into the bottom left corner; albeit the shot being a soft one, there was so much spin on it the goalkeeper was caught out by the trickery. Two minutes later Benny got her second and the Storm were cruising. Koto then accomplished a delightful swerving shot, stranding the ‘keeper and tripling the lead, before Muffin added a brace of goals in the second half, one of which was a superb shot off the knee from Yasmin’s cross. A 5-0 clean sheet victory was the ultimate way to cap off this football adventure.

    After the final whistle, the girls were presented with the prestigious trophy which Klesa had the honours of lifting high into the blue sunny sky, surrounded by her teammates who all huddled together to cherish the success. The tournament on the whole was a reward for all the passion and enthusiasm which the players had shown throughout the whole season; there is still plenty of excitement ahead with the BISP Football Invitational in Phuket and you can bet the players are hungry to embark on another journey into another circle of five-star competitive (and friendly) football.

    Thank you for joining us today and Go SHB Storm!





  • Harrow International School Bangkok
  • Sports Seasons Overview 1718Mon 9 Oct 2017Sports Seasons Overview 1718Read More

    Please find Sports Seasons Overview 1718 attached in Resources link.

  • Shrewsbury International School
  • Fri 6 Oct 2017Learn to Swim Pathway PresentationRead More

    Last night (5th October) Mrs Gill lead a presentation to all swimming parents explaining the learn to swim pathway and the reasoning behind the skills taught within the program. Please follow the link below to see the full presentation. If you miss this presentation, please do not be concerned the presentation will be repeated later in the year. 

    The next presentation on October 19th will cover Swim Meets; what they are, how teams are selected and how we can help our athletes. Please come along at 3pm to the Recital Hall.

  • Bangkok Patana Tiger PrawnsFri 6 Oct 2017Bangkok Patana Tiger PrawnsRead More

    23 very excited Under 8 swimmers travelled to Bangkok Patana on Saturday 30th September for the annual 8 & Under Tiger Prawns Swim Meet. 85% of the swims completed were new personal best times, this is an outstanding result from our swimmers.

    Follow the link below for the full meet results.

  • NIST International School
  • U11 Basketball Friendship Match ReportFri 6 Oct 2017U11 Basketball Friendship Match ReportRead More

    Last weekend, our NIST Sports department hosted U11 Boys and Girls Basketball friendship here at school campus.

    Thirteen teams from five international schools participated in the friendship. In attendance were teams from American School Bangkok, International School Bangkok, Ruamrudee International School, Harrow International School and two teams represented NIST International School in the boys field.

    The competition during all games was very competitive and intense but was played in a very determined and high spirited manner.

    In the girls draw, Harrow Team A came out on top, scoring all 4 win in Round Robin and leaped passed ISB Team A to win the gold medal. Ruamrudee Team A secured 3rd place, with ISB Team B and RIS Team B rounding off 4th and 5th place in the competition.

    In a more action-packed boys event, NIST Team A and Team B along with 6 others showed great skills and worked as a team, displaying unity and strength in their very first try at an inter-school competition. Our NIST Team A Boy came in 3rd place with an impressive win over ISB Team A in a close encounter. Harrow Team A was victorious, earning 1st place, coming out on top against ASB Team A.

    Both our NIST teams enjoyed and had a great run in this friendship. The purpose of any Invitational tournament is about connecting students from a variety of backgrounds and places so that they may experience competition in a positive and spirited way. Throughout this tournament, it is safe to say that this purpose was easily achieved and that it was an extremely memorable experience for all involved. We look forward to continue to build our young Falcons for the upcoming BISAC competition in November.


  • Varsity Boys Football BISAC Cup ChampionshipThu 5 Oct 2017Varsity Boys Football BISAC Cup ChampionshipRead More

    Congratulations to our Varsity Boys Football for successfully qualifying for the CUP Championships. The matches will take place this Sunday, 8 October at RIS. Attached is the schedule. 

    Good luck Falcons!

  • Varsity Boys Volleyball BISAC Cup ChampionshipThu 5 Oct 2017Varsity Boys Volleyball BISAC Cup ChampionshipRead More

    Congratulations to our Varsity Boys Volleyball team for successfully qualifying for the CUP Championships. The matches will take place this Sunday, 8 October here NIST. Attached is the schedule.

    Good luck Falcons!

  • Varsity Girls Volleyball BISAC ScheduleThu 5 Oct 2017Varsity Girls Volleyball BISAC ScheduleRead More

    Congratulations to our Varsity Girls Volleyball team for successfully qualifying for the CUP Championships. The matches will take place this Sunday, 8 October at Shrewsbury. Attached is the schedule.

    Good luck Falcons!

  • Varsity Girls Football BISAC Cup ChampionshipThu 5 Oct 2017Varsity Girls Football BISAC Cup ChampionshipRead More

    Congratulations to our Varsity Girls Football team for successfully qualifying for the CUP Championships. The matches will take place this Sunday, 8 October at Shrewsbury. Attached is the schedule.

    Good luck Falcons!

  • Shrewsbury International School
  • Squash - Story of the SEA GamesWed 4 Oct 2017Squash - Story of the SEA GamesRead More

    Please see below for the story of the Thailand Squash team at the SEA games 2017. Told by the Thai and our very own sSuash coach Terry Cheetham.

    Last month, as Head Coach of the Thailand National  Squash Team, I had the privilege of taking the team to compete in The 2017 Sea Games I Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    The excitement had been building over the previous month as we were provided with Sea Games Suit, and sportswear. (Lots of it)

    Our Thailand Squash Rackets Association is sponsored by FBT however the Sea Games is an International Olympic Committee event and so we received sportswear from their main sponsor Grand Sport.

    We met at the airport and travelled with a large number of other athletes from different sports.


    Arrived safely in KL and managed to get to the hotel by 11 pm. Our shuttle bus from the airport dropped off other athletes first.

    First day of competition and everyone is hyped up and ready to play. On to the bus for the 30 minute trip to the National Squash Courts.


    With police escort provided we made our way through heavy peak hour traffic.

    Unfortunately, we were involved in a traffic accident 5 minutes from the centre. Our team and the Philippines Team were in the first bus which was hit from behind by the second bus carrying the Myanmar Squash Team.


    Everyone, while not having major injuries suffered shock and whiplash. So instead of arriving for our first match, we spent the morning in the medical centre with Malaysian and Thailand Medical staff. After some discussion, the best they would do was delay our matches until 4pm that same day.

    We managed to win the matches that we were expected to and then headed off for x-rays, physio which continued for the next few days. The first events were Intl Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles and we were beaten by the stronger countries Malaysia and Singapore as we advanced further.

    Next was Jumbo Doubles event. These matches are played Best of 3 games and both our Men’s and Women’s Teams made it to the Bronze Medal Stage.

    Our Men’s Team played Indonesia for the Silver Medal. The match was very close and at 1 game all we led 10-7 (first to 11) but unfortunately we ended up losing 11-10. Thailand has never  won a silver medal in squash. While I was disappointed that we let this one slip away, I was still very proud of the player’s efforts.

    Our Women’s Team were beaten by a stronger Philippines Team 2-0.

    Bronze medals for 4 of our players.


    Next up was the Teams Event and we had a chance of another medal. Indonesia had beaten us comprehensively before and we knew we were very close to them this time. Three players in the team and matches best of 5 games. Our no. 2 player got off to a great start leading two games to love however lost his way losing the next 2 games. The fifth game was very close with the lead changing many times. However the Indonesian player held on to win the match 15-13 in the fifth. Luck not going our way again. Our no.3 player then lost to a stronger opponent so the medal chance was gone. Our no.1 then went on and won 3-0.

    Our Ladies Team were beaten by Philippines for Bronze medal playoff.

    All in all it was a very good effort and big improvement in the team.

    While I was thinking I could get some rest after Sea Games, it was announced that Indonesia will host Sea Cup in January next year and Korea will host Asian Teams Event  in July next year.

    Thailand will host Asian Junior Teams Event in 2019 and we currently have two boys Shane Pongpanich and Jedi Wijitthanarak in the Thailand Junior Squad preparing for this event. And  young Third Chamnanchang is very close to joining.


  • Bangkok Swim LeagueTue 3 Oct 2017Bangkok Swim LeagueRead More

    Coming soon to Bangkok, the inaugural Bangkok Swim League, teams will compete over a number a months until the grand final in May to determine who will be the number 1 swim team in Bangkok. 

    More details coming soon ...

  • FOBISIA Golf 2018 - MicrositeTue 3 Oct 2017FOBISIA Golf 2018 - MicrositeRead More

    Please click on the link below for more information regarding the FOBISIA Golf competition 



  • NIST International School
  • Falcons Varsity Invitational Match ReportFri 29 Sep 2017Falcons Varsity Invitational Match ReportRead More

    Last weekend our NIST sporting community came together to celebrate a weekend of competitive sports action on the school campus.

    Twenty teams participated in the 2017 Falcons Invitational Varsity Volleyball & Football tournaments. NIST reached out to the Thai, International and Regional sporting communities in the planning for this event.  In attendance at the tournament were schools from a wide variety of backgrounds. This included many of the Bangkok International schools, some local Thai schools, an International School from Pattaya and UNIS Hanoi from Vietnam.

    The competition during all games was very competitive and intense but was played in an immensely spirited and sportsmanlike manner.

    The girls football competition was played with high intensity and two schools really stood out from the outset. NIST and Harrow International School were evenly matched in terms of ability and played out a close contest in the first game of the day. NIST took an early two goal lead but Harrow managed to claw their way back in the second half levelling the game for a 2 - 2 draw at the close.  Both NIST and Harrow secured comfortable wins against Ruamrudee International School and St. Andrew’s International School. With both schools undefeated, the final positions were decided by goal difference in the round robin format and due to their decisive victory against St. Andrew’s, Harrow secured the gold medal by a margin of two goals. NIST heads were still high regardless of the result and this very young Varsity team continues to grow from strength to strength with each game they play.

    In the boys football competition there were some epic encounters between the competing schools. The two invited Thai teams, the Football Academy and Pathumkongka, were great additions to the tournament as they increased the standard of play. The bronze medal match saw Traill International School narrowly defeat the Football Academy by a solitary goal to take third place. The final saw NIST, who were undefeated this season going into the game, play Pathumkongka. In an intense match, NIST's confidence and composure allowed them to play free flowing football and their movement off the ball was simply sublime. After dominating possession and remaining calm under pressure our boys secured a resounding  victory by a score of 5 - 2. A great achievement by the boys and their undefeated streak continues.

    The girls volleyball tournament was an immensely entertaining contest. A high level of skill was on display and there were some ferocious spikes to finish off points in many of the matches. The bronze medal match was an all International school contest between Harrow and Wells International School. The Harrow girls energy levels looked low after some tough pool matches and Wells took full advantage of this finishing off the encounter in a quick 2 - 0 sets. The final saw our NIST girls take on our fierce rivals in the Bangkok School region, RIS. It proved to be a great final with some excellent camaraderie between the opposing teams. In the end, our NIST girls proved that they had greater skills and superior confidence by dominating the latter stages of each set. At the close, NIST were victorious by 2 - 0 to claim the gold medal. The girls are proving to be a force to be reckoned with during this early part of the season. They are playing with freedom and have found a new sense of direction, cohesion and team unity this year.

    In the boys volleyball tournament, noise, spirit and sportsmanship were the key attributes that defined all aspects of competition. In the bronze medal game, RIS took on old rivals BPS. It was a close contest with points going back and forth, the match could have gone either way. However, Patana’s experience and aerial dominance proved to be the deciding factors and they took third place by a score of 2 - 1. Once again, the final saw NIST play Wells International School for the gold medal. The NIST boys had coasted to the final with some exemplary volleyball play and Wells had demonstrated incredible skills and prowess for such a young and developing team. The match was another three set contest. NIST edged ahead to take the first and, likewise, Wells did the same in the second. The deciding set was action packed and emotionally charged. No one in the large spectating crowd could predict which way the encounter would end. NIST had managed to pull away mid set with five point lead but somehow Wells dug deep, clawed their way back and the momentum from this gave them the strength to speed past the finish line to give them the win. Our NIST boys were devastated to lose such a close contest but understood the fact that they had given it their all. The coaching staff and Athletic Department were proud of the way they performed and the character they had shown.

    The purpose of any Invitational tournament should be about connecting students from a variety of backgrounds and places so that they may experience competition in a positive and spirited way. Throughout the entirety of this tournament, it is safe to say that this purpose was easily achieved and that it was an extremely memorable experience for all involved.

    Simon Herbert

    Director of Athletics & Activities


  • Shrewsbury International School
  • Thu 28 Sep 2017BISAC Cross Country Team ListRead More


    Total First / preferred name Last name Gender Category Distance
    1 Kiyan Kaddoura M U11 1.8km
    2 Tonkaaw Katanyouwongcharoen M U11 1.8km
    3 Oliver Radcliffe M U11 1.8km
    4 Promp Limsawaddiwong M U11 1.8km
    5 Hero Lertpanomwan M U11 1.8km
    6 Poom Taedullayasatit M U11 1.8km
    7 Shaan Sethi M U11 1.8km
    8 J.J Gareecharun M U11 1.8km
    9 Pib Limsawaddiwong M U11 1.8km
    10 Nupp Hetrakul M U11 1.8km
    11 Nico Olaya M U11 1.8km
    12 Nile Bhasavanich M U11 1.8km
    13 Ethan Hong M U11 1.8km
    14 Jinly Muangsiri F U11 1.8km
    15 Jolyne Gunadi F U11 1.8km
    16 Praow Limsawaddiwong F U11 1.8km
    17 In In Pholtape F U11 1.8km
    18 Kate Rasrivisuth F U11 1.8km
    19 Venice Bhasavanich F U11 1.8km
    20 Miu Aksaranuwat F U11 1.8km
    21 Sirin Lerdsirisopon F U11 1.8km
    22 Tara Kuansongtham F U11 1.8km
    23 Kate Anonglekha F U11 1.8km
    24 Rihanna Sargeant F U11 1.8km
    25 Guy Chuabanlue M U13 2.65km
    26 Ten Pongpittayapa M U13 2.65km
    27 Ton Lochaya M U13 2.65km
    28 Maxi Roncarati M U13 2.65km
    29 Korn Lerttasanawong M U13 2.65km
    30 Khwab Kharb M U13 2.65km
    31 Anuv Dhariwal M U13 2.65km
    32 Euro Kimlengjew M U13 2.65km
    33 Vin Sukapanpotharam M U13 2.65km
    34 Pind Chintakanon M U13 2.65km
    35 Dan Vaiyavatjamai M U13 2.65km
    36 Ajay Suresh M U13 2.65km
    37 Loogcliun Chantaramporn M U13 2.65km
    38 Ryan Williams M U13 2.65km
    39 Sydney Bhasavanich F U13 2.65km
    40 Purse Vanichjakvong F U13 2.65km
    41 Un Vajropala F U13 2.65km
    42 New Voravetvudhikun F U13 2.65km
    43 Jesslyn Gunadi F U13 2.65km
    44 Angie Bradley F U13 2.65km
    45 Keila Toh F U13 2.65km
    46 Look kaew Yu-prapai F U13 2.65km
    47 Herin Jin F U13 2.65km
    48 Proud Limsupanark F U13 2.65km
    49 Game Chuabanlue M U15 2.65km
    50 Poom Phetkeereeskul M U15 2.65km
    51 Tad Chongkolrattanaporn M U15 2.65km
    52 Janus Wijitthanarak M U15 2.65km
    53 Leon Pedenon M U15 2.65km
    54 Pump Vanichjakvong M U15 2.65km
    55 Tun Samalapa M U15 2.65km
    56 Putt Kijoran M U15 2.65km
    57 Poom Kijoran M U15 2.65km
    58 Teddy Thepsutha M U15 2.65km
    59 Boss Patpanichchot M U15 2.65km
    60 Tan Durongkapitaya M U15 2.65km
    61 Nate Della Gatta M U15 2.65km
    62 Tut Boonthongrungtawee M U15 2.65km
    63 Tonkhao Kijwanichprasert M U15 2.65km
    64 Tee Srivikorn M U15 2.65km
    65 Fynn Paoprapun M U15 2.65km
    66 Schaab Jotikabukkana M U15 2.65km
    67 Tomas Rosso M U15 2.65km
    68 Min Min Viriyaprapaikit F U15 2.65km
    69 Barbie Suvagondha F U15 2.65km
    70 Dylan Callaway F U15 2.65km
    71 Honor Cuckson F U15 2.65km
    72 Patty Apisaksirikul F U15 2.65km
    73 Pat Taedulayasatit F U15 2.65km
    74 Chloe Petch F U15 2.65km
    75 Eva Frimlova F U15 2.65km
    76 Po Vanichjakvong M JV 5.29km
    77 Harry Chanpaiboonrat M JV 5.29km
    78 Bommy Suvagondha M JV 5.29km
    79 Tino Limkhaewprasert M JV 5.29km
    80 Trophy Somboontanasarn M JV 5.29km
    81 Win Linmaneechote M JV 5.29km
    82 Marwan Kaddoura M Varsity  5.29km
    83 Adit Dhariwal M Varsity  5.29km
    84 Robbie McEvoy M Varsity  5.29km
    85 Neun Chalermchockcharoenkit M Varsity  5.29km
    86 Leyana Kaddoura F Varsity  5.29km
    87 Yasmine Kaddoura F Varsity  5.29km
    88 Ishi Chauhan F Varsity  5.29km
    89 Lea Kaddoura F Varsity  5.29km


  • Thu 28 Sep 2017SHB Football Friendship 2018Read More

    BOYS U11A

    1. J.J Gareecharun
    2. Kiyan Kaddoura
    3. Pleum Limnarong
    4. Poon Poon Mahatchavaroj
    5. Kiri Phadungchai
    6. Thomas Radcliffe
    7. Pote (Capt)Sophonsiri
    8. Poom Taedullayasatit
    9. Porsche Iamviriyaphong
    10. Oliver (Vice-Capt)Radcliffe


    BOYS U11B

    1. Raad Abu Shaar
    2. Sky Benjaponpaiboon
    3. Theo Decorte
    4. Nupp Hetrakul
    5. Cian Kerfin
    6. Eric Kotler
    7. TylerTainuthai
    8. Teddy Tonpibulsak
    9. Third Vorachacreyanan
    10. Tonkaaw Katanyouwongcharoen
    11. Max Chinvattanachot
    12. Gorngris Kositsakul
    13. Shaan Sethi


    BOYS U11C

    1. Gosha Anashkin
    2. Robert Brand
    3. Pat Chalermsaphayakorn
    4. Ryo Hanaoka
    5. Sean Holloway
    6. Esa Win
    7. Pipo Chintakanon
    8. T Leetrakul
    9. Promp Limsawaddiwong
    10. Charlie Mullis
    11. Nico Olaya
    12. M Ruengcharungpong
    13. Elliot Sykes


    BOYS U11D

    1. Ultra Asavareongchai
    2. Proud Booppanon
    3. Sean Klipbua
    4. Art Jangkompee
    5. Grip Lochanakosin
    6. Monty Millar
    7. Pib Limsawaddiwong
    8. Teem Boonsri
    9. March Manavibool
    10. Smart Prakaisriroj
    11. Fame Prasertsom
    12. Ansh Sakulsacha
    13. Nut Srichaisak


    GIRLS U11A

    1. Jolyne Gunadi
    2. Jinly Muangsiri
    3. Praow Limsawaddiwong
    4. Nim Patpongpanit
    5. Kate Rasrivisuth
    6. Prim Atikarnbodee
    7. Ariana Ungrangsee
    8. Yuri Kimlengjew
    9. Pang Isarangkura
    10. Panghom Kitjapipat


    GIRLS U11B

    1. Winnie Yongyingsakthaworn
    2. Jenis Vongsurakrai
    3. Sofia Daud
    4. Sofia Royo Larriba
    5. In-In Pholtape
    6. Erika Liu
    7. Holy Dhampanun
    8. Proud Kitrungrueangkul


    BOYS U9A

    1. Marc Atikarnbodee
    2. Nile Bhasavanich
    3. Thai Leetrakul
    4. Amedeo Loudon
    5. Juno Seok
    6. PJ Smittikorakul
    7. Matteo Sobey
    8. Tonkao Yoovidhya
    9. Marty Phattanateeradaj
    10. Panwa Rodloytuk

    BOYS U9B

    1. Nopp Hetrakul
    2. Nadhit Kositsakul
    3. Monte Liauburindr
    4. Phud Limsawaddiwong
    5. Alfredo Molina Hernandez
    6. Tawan Parks
    7. Finn Tejavanija
    8. Petch Wongkeaitaroon
    9. Phoom Kitrungrueangkul


    BOYS U9C

    1. Alex Chantad
    2. Nik Chirapapaisan
    3. Lawrence Cuddy
    4. Chill Chill Dechsakulchaipat
    5. Zack Haresnape
    6. Kenta Jongprasert
    7. Yuta Jongprasert
    8. Pradh Rattanasirivilai
    9. Pleum Rattanasirivilai
    10. Ethan Subhasirinant
    11. Good Voravetvudhikun



    1. Proud Assavaniwej
    2. Thann Thaicharoen
    3. Venice Bhasavanich
    4. Erica Bradley
    5. Tara Kuansongtham
    6. Zana Kulsomphob
    7. Sirin Lerdsirisopon
    8. Tinee Mahattanakul
    9. Preen Phisuthikul
    10. Lara Vanichjakvong
    11. Annie Yongyingsakthaworn
  • NIST International School
  • U11 Boys A Football @SHB 30 SepWed 27 Sep 2017U11 Boys A Football @SHB 30 SepRead More

    U11 Boys Basketball Team will be competing in a friendship tournament on Saturday, 30 September. Attached is the schedule. Wishing our young Falcons a great tournament!

  • Asian Cadet Circuit & Thailand Fencing Championships 2017Fri 22 Sep 2017Asian Cadet Circuit & Thailand Fencing Championships 2017Read More

    This past weekend, several of our Falcons fencers participated in the “Asian Cadet Circuit & TFF All Thailand Fencing Championships 2017.” In addition to our sabre medals, this was the first time we were able to celebrate a medal in U16 Foil Boys event. Despite tough field of competitors from 38 different countries, several of the Falcons made it through to the pool elimination round and advanced to the direct elimination round.

    Vicky (Y9) was able to reach the quarterfinal despite tough competition, being the only Thai fencer to make it through the round of last 8.

    Mehta (Y10) showed great fighting spirit and was able to bring glory to his country Cambodia, against opponents from India, Malaysia, Iran and Thailand. After a long day of competition, he bagged in a 3rd place Bronze medal for our Falcons Fencing Team.

    By the end of the competition, NIST had eight more medals to add to our collection:

    Mehta (Y10, Bronze 3rd place in U16 Boys Foil)

    Vicky (Y9, Bronze 5th place in U14 Girls Sabre)

    Bella (Y5, Bronze 6th place in U10 Girls Sabre)

    Diamond (Y8, Bronze 3rd place in U12 Boys Sabre)

    Mateo (Y8, Bronze 6th place in U12 Boys Sabre)

    Keita (Y7, Bronze 8th place in U12 Boys Sabre)

    Fahsai (Y7, Bronze 5th place in U12 Girls Sabre)

    Ruby (Y8, Bronze 6th place in U12 Girls Sabre)


    Congratulations to all of our young fencers and coaches for these remarkable achievements. We look forward to many more successful results in the near future. Go Falcons!


  • Varsity Football Boys and Girls Invitational @ISB 29-30 SepFri 22 Sep 2017Varsity Football Boys and Girls Invitational @ISB 29-30 SepRead More

    Varsity Football Boys and Girls teams will be playing at Panther Invitational at ISB next week, 29 - 30 September. Attached is the full schedule. Go Falcons!

  • Varsity Volleyball Boys and Girls Invitational @ISB 29-30 SepFri 22 Sep 2017Varsity Volleyball Boys and Girls Invitational @ISB 29-30 SepRead More

    Varsity Volleyball Boys and Girls teams will be playing at Panther Invitational at ISB next week, 29 - 30 September. Attached is the full schedule. Go Falcons!

  • U11 Basketball Friendship 1 OctFri 22 Sep 2017U11 Basketball Friendship 1 OctRead More

    NIST will be hosting U11 Basketball Friendship tournament on Sunday, 1 October. Attached is the picture of schedule. Go Falcons!

  • U13 Basketball Friendship @ISB 7 OctThu 21 Sep 2017U13 Basketball Friendship @ISB 7 OctRead More

    U13 Basketball Boys and Girls Team will take part in Friendship Tournament on Saturday, 7 October. Full schedule as picture attached. We hope all students can take part and look forward to an exciting tournament day!

  • Falcons Varsity Volleyball and Football Invitational ScheduleThu 21 Sep 2017Falcons Varsity Volleyball and Football Invitational ScheduleRead More

    This Saturday, 23 September, NIST will be hosting Friendship tournaments for Varsity Football and Varsity Volleyball teams. The schedule is available as attachment. First match will begin at 8:00 AM. Come join us in support of our Falcons teams this Saturday!

  • Falcons Athletics Leadership CouncilFri 8 Sep 2017Falcons Athletics Leadership CouncilRead More


    “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”. —Jack Welch


    The Athletic Department at NIST is seeking to formulate a Falcons Athletic Leadership Council from the Secondary School student body and is inviting applications from interested students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13.



    The Falcons Athletic Leadership Council will seek to enhance the NIST student-athlete experience by fostering a positive student image, expanding school and community public relations, sponsoring and participating in school and community service activities, improving communication, and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle by encouraging positive and spirited participation among students at our school.



    The Falcons Athletic Leadership Council (FALC) will seek to develop the leadership skills of students with a special interest in athletics.


    In addition, the FALC aims:

    • To serve as an advisory committee to the Athletic Department.

    • To effectively disseminate information to student-athletes and the wider school population.

    • To create an environment in which students can express ideas and concerns, develop relationships and form a support network of athletes from all of the interscholastic sports at NIST International School.

    • To make the students' overall High School experience more enjoyable by creating events/activities or supporting existing ones to promote school spirit and enhance students' sense of belonging to the High School.

    • To increase awareness of sports games and encourage more people to attend the games.

    • To teach leadership lessons in order to prepare student athletes to serve as leaders on their athletic teams and their campuses, academically and athletically.

    • To provide a supportive forum where student athlete leaders can develop their leadership skills and discuss the challenges and rewards of their experiences.

    • To prepare student athlete participants to serve as leaders within their future communities and careers.

    • To reinforce that team leaders are role models on and off the field of play who refrain from alcohol, drugs, bullying and other illicit behaviors.

    • To promote a positive student-athlete image on campus.



    The Executive Board of the Falcons Athletic Leadership Council shall consist of the following positions:

    • President/ Chair

    • Vice President/ Vice Chair

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer

    • Fundraising Coordinator

    • Communications Coordinator

    The Sub Committee of the Falcons Athletic Leadership Council shall consist of the following positions:    

    • Social Media Coordinator    

    • Communications Assistant

    • Assistant Journalists (2 positions)    

    The Executive Board will also be supervised by the Director of Athletics & Activities, the NIPTA Sports Representative for Secondary School and a Coaching Staff Representative.



    The Falcons Athletic Leadership Council will be composed of representatives from the Secondary school of students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13. Students should have an interest in sports and preferably represent one of the Falcons teams in any sport. However, students will be considered who do not represent a competitive team particularly if they have an interest in journalism, media and business management.

    Interested students are asked to fill out an application form available by clicking here or they can access a copy through the NIST News or by collecting a form from the Sports Office on the ground floor of the sports complex.


    Prospective applicants must have 2 adult references. One from either the applicants Homeroom teacher or other Secondary School teacher. The second reference must be completed by either Mr. O’Toole or Mr. Cooper as members of the Secondary Leadership Team.


    Completed application forms and references should be submitted to the Sports Office before Friday 15 September.


    Applicants will be selected for interview by the Director of Athletics & Activities based on the application form and references. Following interview successful students are then selected by the Director of Athletics & Activities, with input from the coaching staff and recommendations from teachers and the Secondary Leadership Team.


    All prospective student applicants must be in good academic, behavioural and attendance standing in order to remain on the FALC for the school year.


  • Shrewsbury International School
  • Team Shrewsbury Microsite LAUNCHEDWed 6 Sep 2017Team Shrewsbury Microsite LAUNCHEDRead More

    Please follow the link below to the new Team Shrewsbury Microsite, please visit for information regarding the programme.



  • Tue 5 Sep 2017BISAC Cross Country Read More

    Please see link below to the BISAC Cross Country webpage with full details of the event.

  • Tue 5 Sep 2017Shrewsbury Friendly Football CompetitionRead More

    For full details on the U9 and U11 Football competition taking place at Shrewsbury International school on 30th September please visit:

  • NIST International School
  • RIS Phoenix Friendly Varsity Boys and Girls Volleyball ScheduleTue 29 Aug 2017RIS Phoenix Friendly Varsity Boys and Girls Volleyball ScheduleRead More

    U19 Varsity Boys and Girls Volleyball team will compete in the first competition this season. This invitational, hosted by Ruamrudee International School, will be held on Saturday, 9 September and Sunday, 10 September. Boys and Girls schedule is attached in this article.

    Looking forward to a great start from our Varsity volleyball teams this season!

  • Harrow International School Bangkok
  • Tue 22 Aug 20172016-17 Sports Trials Updated Aug17Read More

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Please find the link HERE a reminder of the trials for the sports that we will be running in Season 1, as well as details of how to join one of the 5 academies available to all students. There have been a couple of amendments from the information sent at the end of last term which are highlighted in the attached.

    For all the up to date sports information throughout the school year, please refer to the sports website and follow us on twitter @harrowbkksport

    Best Wishes,
    Miss Tul

  • NIST International School
  • NIST Falcons First Season Tryouts 2017Thu 10 Aug 2017NIST Falcons First Season Tryouts 2017Read More

    Welcome to back to another exciting year of sporting season.

    Our sports programme aims to provide for as many sports as we can for students to compete all year round. Participating student athletes will develop their skills, knowledge and performance from a structured coaching programme. And the wait is over! Tryouts dates are out for Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Swimming and Gymnastics. This will start from Thursday 17 August. We encourage all eligible students to have a go at tryouts and get involved in the NIST sports programme. Below is the schedule:

    All NIST students are welcome to try out for a sport. There is no need to sign up for tryouts. Students are simply required to show up for tryouts at the designated time and location.


    Varsity Girls Volleyball

    Friday 18 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 2 & Court 3

    Tuesday 22 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 1 & Court 2

    Coach: Julia Sheridan, Or Rakkaew

    Training Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 2


    Varsity Boys Volleyball

    Friday 18 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 1

    Monday 21 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 1

    Coach: Wachiraphan Chantarohit, Oh Boonruan

    Training Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 1


    JV Girls Volleyball

    Friday 18 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 2 & Court 3

    Tuesday 22 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 1 & Court 2

    Coach: Richard Dachi

    Training Days: Tuesday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 1, Friday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 3


    JV Boys Volleyball

    Wednesday 23 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 3

    Friday 25 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ HUB Gym

    Coach: Larn Sirithet

    Training Days: Wednesday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 3, Friday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ HUB Gym



    Varsity Girls Football

    Friday 18 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 1

    Tuesday 22 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 1

    Coach: Chantel Marson, Melissa Vogel

    Training Days: Tuesday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 1, Wednesday ➢ 2:30-3:45PM ➤ Field 2, Friday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 1


    Varsity Boys Football

    Friday 18 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Tuesday 22 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Coach: Pat Keirnan, Laurie Griffin

    Training Days: Tuesday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 2, Thursday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 1, Friday ➢ 3:45-5:30PM ➤ Field 2


    JV Girls Football

    Monday 21 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:45PM ➤ Field 2

    Wednesday 23 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Coach: Anne Holzman

    Training Days: Monday ➢ 2:30-3:45PM ➤ Field 2, Wednesday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 2


    JV Boys Football

    Wednesday 23 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 1

    Friday 25 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:45PM ➤ Field 2

    Coach: Craig Stevenson

    Training Days: Wednesday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 1, Friday ➢ 2:30-3:45PM ➤ Field 2


    U11 Boys Football

    Tuesday 22 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Friday 25 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Field 1

    Coach: Giggs Poompanit

    Training Days: Tuesday ➢ 2:30-3:30PM ➤ Field 2, Friday ➢ 2:30-3:30PM ➤ Court 2


    U11 Girls Football

    Wednesday 23 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Field 1

    Thursday 24 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Coach: Sara Ahmed

    Training Days: Wednesday ➢ 2:30-3:30PM ➤ Oval, Thursday ➢ 2:30-3:30PM ➤ Field 2



    U15 Girls Basketball

    Thursday 17 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 2

    Monday 21 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ HUB Gym

    Coaches: Sunday Pannan

    Training Days: Monday ➢ 3.30-5:30PM ➤ HUB Gym, Thursday ➢ 3.30-5:30PM ➤ Court 2


    U15 Boys Basketball

    Thursday 17 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 1

    Monday 21 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 2

    Coaches: Randy Wallis

    Training Days: Monday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 2, Thursday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 1


    U13 Girls Basketball

    Tuesday 22 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 3

    Thursday 24 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 3

    Coach: Jesse Worley

    Training Days: Tuesday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 3, Thursday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 3


    U13 Boys Basketball

    Monday 21 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Court 3

    Wednesday 23 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ HUB Gym

    Coach: TBC

    Training Days: Monday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Court 3, Wednesday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ HUB Gym


    U11 Girls Basketball

    Monday 21 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Court 3

    Wednesday 23 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Court 3

    Coach: Megan Lockett, Basilia Mudzudzu, Karen Worley

    Training Days: Monday ➢ 2:30-3:30PM ➤ Court 3, Wednesday ➢2:30-3:30PM ➤ Court 3


    U11 Boys Basketball

    Monday 21 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Courts 1 & 2

    Wednesday 23 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Courts 1 & 2

    Coach: Marcus Down, Oh Boonruan

    Training Days: Monday ➢ 2:30-3:30PM ➤ Courts 1 & 2, Wednesday ➢2:30-3:30PM ➤ Courts 1 & 2



    U13 Girls Tennis

    Monday 21 August ➢ 2:30PM – 4:30PM ➤ Tennis Courts

    Coach: Ko

    Training Days: Monday, Wednesday ➢ 4:00-6:00PM ➤ Tennis Courts


    U13 Boys Tennis

    Tuesday 22 August ➢ 2:30PM – 4:30PM ➤ Tennis Courts

    Coach: Ko

    Training Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday ➢ 4:00-6:00PM ➤ Tennis Courts


    Super Falcons Tennis (Years 4 - 13)

    Wednesday 23 August ➢ 2:30PM – 4:30PM ➤ Tennis Courts

    Coach: Ko



    U15 Boys Rugby

    Thursday 17 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Monday 21 August ➢ 3:45PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 2

    Coach: Mitch Norris

    Training Days: Monday, Thursday ➢ 3:45-5:30PM ➤ Field 2



    U15 Girls Touch

    Thursday 17 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 1

    Monday 21 August ➢ 3:30PM – 5:30PM ➤ Field 1

    Coach: Dana Piggott, Ben Charpentier

    Training Days: Monday ➢ 3:30-5:30PM ➤ Field 1, Thursday ➢ 2:45-4:45PM ➤ University Field



    Senior Team (11 years old & over)

    Thursday 24 August ➢ 2:30PM – 4:30PM ➤ Swimming Pool

    Coach: Niwat & Swimming Coaches

    Training Days: Monday - Friday ➤ Swimming Pool


    Junior Team (10 years old & under)

    Tuesday 22 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Swimming Pool

    Wednesday 23 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Swimming Pool

    Coach: Niwat & Swimming Coaches

    Training Days: Monday - Friday ➤ Swimming Pool



    Year 2 (New Gymnasts ONLY)

    Monday 21 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Gymnastics Arena

    Coach: Mae & Gymnastics Coaches


    Year 3 (New Gymnasts ONLY)

    Tuesday 22 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Gymnastics Arena

    Coach: Mae & Gymnastics Coaches


    Year 4 (New Gymnasts ONLY)

    Wednesday 23 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Gymnastics Arena

    Coach: Mae & Gymnastics Coaches


    Year 5 & Over (New Gymnasts ONLY)

    Thursday 24 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Gymnastics Arena

    Coach: Mae & Gymnastics Coaches


    Senior (New Gymnasts ONLY)

    Friday 25 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ Gymnastics Arena

    Coach: Mae & Gymnastics Coaches

    Training Days: Monday - Saturday ➤ Gymnastics Arena



    Y7 - Y13

    Thursday 24 August ➢ 2:30PM – 3:30PM ➤ HPE 1, Sports Complex 1st FL

    Coaches: Erik, Lucy, Lex, Suzanne

    Training Days: Monday - Friday ➤ 6:15 AM to 7:15 AM ➤ Field 1 and 2