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NIST International School Falcons Golf team at the 2018 Bangkok Cup Wed 10 Oct 2018

On Sunday, 7 October, our Falcons Golf Team participated in the first ever Bangkok Cup. This new competition format was designed to promote a strong sense of teamwork, a concept sometimes challenging to foster in golf. The competition was modelled after the famed Ryder Cup, a men's golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States.The Bangkok Cup brought together local Bangkok schools and organized them into two distinct teams, international schools (RIS, NIST, ASB and ISB) and British schools (HIS, BPS BKKP and SHB). Each team was comprised of 12 pairs of players and these 12 groups competed in match play to earn points for their team. NIST brought three teams consisting of Y11 Punn Pinkayan with Y12 Tunn Junhasavasdikul, Y11 Owen Conrad with Y11 Marvin Sachayansrisakul and Y9 Pat Junhasavasdikul with Y7 Get Poolvoraluk. Pat’s group was the starting group of the competition. Pat’s opening drive was not a perfect strike but rolled out to be a very playable shot. What made it remarkable, was the fact that it was was very first shot at the first ever Bangkok Cup Tournament! Our Falcons golfers thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and challenge of the unique format of the event, which also featured scramble for half of the tournament and alternating shot for the other half. Players had to strategize not only based on their own ability but also had to consider their partner with every decision. In the end, the overall final score was a 6 to 6 draw, which in one way made the event a complete success since the teams were so evenly matched. For NIST, we consider it a win since it was a wonderful opportunity to hone our sense of teamwork and unity. We are looking forward to the next Bangkok Cup and thank and congratulate Ruamrudee International School for hosting this new event.

- Coach Erik Wilensky