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NIST International School BISAC Cross Country Results Thu 4 Oct 2018

It was a great turnout for the BISAC Cross Country last Sunday at the Wareephirom Park and for the first time ever, we had close to 50 students in the competition representing NIST. Falcons runners excelled, earning many individual and team accolades. Results are as follow:

Team Results

U11 Boys = 2nd Place 

U11 Girls = 4th Place 

U13 Boys = 4th Place 

U13 Girls = 4th Place 

U15 Boys = 3rd Place 

Varsity Boys = 4th Place 


Individual Medals

Sam Hobson (U11 Boys) = 2nd Place

Mia Hobson (U13 Girls) = 2nd Place

Tristan Bosse (U15 Boys) = 1st Place


Other Top 10 finishers

Eva Marie Desvignes (U11 Girls) = 7th Place

Lucas Bannon (U11 Boys) = 10th Place

Johan Denta (U13 Boys) = 5th Place

Elsa Werne (U13 Girls) = 10th Place

Will Hobson (U15 Boys) = 6th Place

Sophie Montgomery (Varsity Girls) = 6th Place


It has been a fruitful season for this growing team and we look forward to continue this progress in the future.