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NIST International School BISAC Varsity Teams Results Wrap Up Thu 12 Oct 2017

Over the years, our Varsity Teams have produced impressive results at several BISAC competition; Last weekend wasn't any different. All the 4 teams were able to qualify for the Cup Championship finals round.

Varsity Boys Football team had a great run and that continued all the way to the finals, claiming the 1st place trophy, victorious over BPS in the Finals held at RIS. Varsity Girls Football and Varsity Girls Volleyball managed to secure 3rd place in their events at Shrewsbury.Varsity Boys Volleyball team finished 4th in the Cup Competition held here at NIST.

Below are the messages from the teams:

Varsity Boys Football Team

On the road to BISAC, the Varsity team’s performance was nothing short of impressive, winning every 7 a-side game, playing in a disciplined and controlled manner. After being triumphant at the NIST friendship, BISAC was the next obstacle. Many players were nervous, especially the ones who were in the team last year, those who suffered that loss in the final. Sunday morning, the teams were ready, we were ready, and first up was TRAILL, the team we lost to last year. We came out of that game victorious, with the score at 2-1. Next, the final, against Bangkok Pattana, who will see at SEASAC as well. The tension was high, and both teams were nervous. We ended on a high note, winning 1-0, with a perfect strike from our very own, Louie Beardow. As the referee blew the final whistle, we could not help contain our excitement. Its been an honour to captain this strong squad. This tremendous victory has sparked confidence in our team, and we eagerly await our biggest competition, SEASAC, in less than a month’s time, which we hope to walk out victorious from.

- Alexandre Meyer Y13, Varsity Boys Football team Captain.


Varsity Girls Volleyball Team

Varsity Girls' Volleyball team travelled to Shrewsbury International School to participate in the BISAC Cup Tournament. They started the day facing the top seeded ISB in the semi-final. The girls fought hard, but in the end the Panthers took the match. The second and final match of the day was against Shrewsbury International School, where the Falcons were able to win in straight sets to take third place in the tournament. Congratulations to the team for a podium finish! We're all looking forward to the remainder of the season with our final three friendly matches and the SEASAC tournament in November. Keep up the great work, girls! Go Falcons!

- Coach Julia Sheridan and Coach Or


Varsity Girls Football Team

After a tough season of intense trainings and league games, the Varsity Girls Football team qualified to play off for the BISAC Cup, which was held at Shrewsbury International School on the 8th of October. Our team put up a tough fight against top-seeded BPS. Despite a mid-game loss of their goalkeeper, however, we failed to qualify for the finals. In the 3rd-4th playoff, we delighted our parents, supporters and coaches, and showcased the fruit of our labour by eventually beating ICS 5-0 to win 3rd place. Congratulations to the team for this well-deserved award!

- Sherienne Koh Y13, Varsity Girls Football team Captain.